In Vienna I could stay at the place of Klaus an art-history student of the University of Vienna. It rained the whole first day in Vienna, It was hard to keep the painted works dry and with 10 persons out of 10 hours it was really an off day. Nevertheless I saved the idea to use the artpiles for my newest artproject 2020: An art odyssey . During my search through the city, I passed some piles with newspaper and a small box to put money in. An half year later, I decided to use the newspaper piles as artpile and everybody know the succes of this revolutionair idea. Since 7-1-2001 I make each week 40 artworks, which can be bought by people for just € 2,50 by money transfer to my bankaccount At the journey from Berlin to Vienna I had to travel over the E55 (Dresden-Prague). On the E55 at least 100 waving women were invitating me. But unfortunately I was in a hurry.