In the little dormant kingdom Luxembourg participated 27 people at the Artwork. At the end I was disappointed because I had worked two long days to achieve more then 27 participators. At the central square in front of the townhall it was nothing, at the annual fair in a suburb of the city it was nothing, only in front of the Modern Museum Casino people participated the making of the Artwork. The quality in front of the museum nevertheless was high, caused by the enthousiastic partipation of employees of the museum and some people who passed by. The second day I stopped early due to the disappointed participation and the closing time of the Museum. A explanation of the disapointing result in Luxemburg is given to my by a woman who said that most people ar to shy to express themself. The night before I left to Brussel I slept at the appartment of the doorman of the museum. He still have an huge wall-painting from me for his mistress.