Believe it or not, I was arrested by the Paris Police, after I had parked my Artwork for less then five minutes in front of George Pompidou. No question, no explanation, no nothing. 30 minutes later they transported me to the head-office of the district. I thought by myself, I hope that this would not take to long. After another 30 minutes I had to go to the chief officer of the office, where I had to explain the reason of my visit to Paris. Once I was insided his room I lost my attention on purpose and I start to analyse the paintings in his room for several minutes. I did not distinguish between good and bad, I only thought I have to prove the officer that I only came to Paris for the Artwork. So I gave him my compliments for his excelltent taste. I made a point and few minutes later he let me go. But he warned me that the next arrest within the periferie of the city would mean that they would levy a distress upon my Artwork. Nevertheless I parked my car the second day for an hour under the Eiffeltower. But it could not make any big difference anymore.