i love dc from sky(artist rendering of I LOVE DC at the chimney in the back you see a rendering of the parked cars for the aerial photo shoot which is planned for in April next year.)
In 2012 I took refuge in Washington DC because of Sandy. It was the first time in my life that I stayed in DC. I immediately fall in love with this great city and its lovely citizens. That’s actually why I want to realise I LOVE DC and I only need 175 black and 75 red cars. Let’s make I LOVE DC together.

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At this moment I found 42 red and 19 black cars. Wouldn’t it be great if you share my affection for Washington DC by taking part in I LOVE DC together with 250 car owners. In return you will get a free coffee or tea, a sandwhich and a digital 5 mb photo by email for your help. It will take 2 to 3 hours to set up all cars in the desired setting and to make the I Love DC photo from a helicopter.

* we will use your phonenumber (cell) to send you 72 hours in advance the exact date, time and place of photoshoot in November.

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i will win the elelections washingtonp.s. at I Will Win – The War you can find my latest painting for the New York City Marathon. I painted The War in Rockville, MD. At I Will Win – The Elections you can find my 2012 painting for the NYC Marathon which I unveilled last year in front of the White House.