I believe, as Picasso said, that “everyone is an artist”. Young or old, the art of creating is a joyous, exciting process, and we try to provide the room, space, and materials for that to happen. We encourage students to try new things, to be inspired by other artists, to find their voice.

City life (photo):
8 lessons € 120,-
10-12 persons
Get inspired by Rotterdam City Life, meet all kind of people at crazy places. Make amazing photo’s of the highest building of the Netherlands, make a mind blowing catalogue for an emerging artist and shoot some animals. After City Life you life will be never the same anymore.

Polderlandscape (drawing):
8 lessons € 150,-
10-12 persons
The Netherlands is frequently associated with polders. This is illustrated by the English saying: God created the world, but the Dutch created Holland. In this course we will walk and sketch through the open, flat and very rare polderlandscape of Alblasserwaard with a.o. the windmills of Kinderdijk, beautiful farms, cows, horses and trees.

Into the sea (painting):
6 lessons € 120,- 
8-10 persons
In this class at the North Sea we make creations on the theme of the sea and its many creatures. From Turner’s seascapes to giant paper mache fish. We will take care of wine, bread and brie and after a sunny day on the beach, you can take a refreshing dive into the sea.

Wild animals (molding):
10 lessons € 200,-
8-10 persons
In this class we mold each week one or more clay animals in the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. The animals will not give you a second chance, they move, play, hunt, eat and when you are lucky they sleep for a while so that you can mold a amazing creation of those wild gggrrraauuuwww animals.

Moving pictures (filming):
12 lessons € 300,-
6-8 persons

When you followed the first four courses you are ready to get digital. In Moving Pictures you will learn you to make all kind of video’s: one minutes, documentaries and even short films. We will learn you how to edit and publish your mind online. With Moving Pictures everything is possible.

Rent a easel:
4 hours € 20,-
1-12 persons

Imagine a very exciting studio with 12 easels where a group of 8-12 persons can sit around a table with their teacher. Students are giggling and laughing, some are quiet and serious but they are all focus when I give a litte direction, an encouragement or a few ideas while your creative energy explode on the canvas telling your story. In the studio you will find many artist books, the radio is playing and in the studio you will find my latest artworks.

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City Life
8 lessons
(friday evening)
x x x x x x x x
8 lessons
(saturday morning)
x x x x x x x x
Wild animals
10 lessons
(sunday afternoon)
x x x x x x x x x x
Moving Pictures
10 lessons
(wednesday evening)
x x x x x x x x x x
Into the sea
6 lessons
(sunday morning
x x x x x x
Exhibition x