I am still a littlebit in love with Sandra Boavida, as she called herself. On the first day she visited meduring her lunchbreak. We start talking to eachother and I thought “get your chance”. So I hold her and I started to kiss her passionated, oh no, I stayed on a reasonable distance and I asked her to join the evening with me because I really wanted a pleasent evening for two after 11.000 km. of travelling. That evening was my best evening in years and the following day we saw eachother for another time. At that night something inconceivable happend, drunken Italianen thought that it would be nice to walk over my Artwork. Fortunately, I slept in my Artwork, so I could intervene in an early stage. The next day I met Sandra and two colleagues of her, further more she had arrange a journalist from the Portugees TV for me, but unfortunately I did not have any time to spend with the journalist because I had already passed two days in Lisbon.