I visited Copenhagen twice, the first time on my trip to Helsinki and the second time on the way back. The first day, almost nobody dare to paint on my Artwork as result of a fully empty Artwork, with only few hundred square painted on. I had to convince the first artist to participate in this artwork by offering him a free place on the Artwork. After a while a few Danish persuade me to go with them to the sanctuary Christiaanse in Copenhagen. At this place cars were not allowed, but after wise deliberation I received permission to enter the sanctuary with my Artwork. During my four hours at Christiaanse almost nobody dare to paint. At five o’clock I decided to leave Copenhagen for Stockholm, The second day, the return way, I decided to park my Artwork in front of Museum Louissiana, few kilometers outside of Copenhagen. This place became a succes. I heard about this location from an artist from Stockholm. After I left Copenhagen for the trip to Berlin I realized myself that I would never finishe the Artwork