Berlin is amazing. They interviewed me for TV-Berlin and the art-channel TM3, further on the biggest German newspaper wrote an article about me with a big color photo on the art-page. All this happened without any effort from my side, it was only the result  because the journalist in Berlin are just doing their job.. The first place where I parked my Artwork was Checkpoint Charlie, but unfortunately they did not allow me to stay their, that is why I moved to the Funktower in East- Berlin but also their they send me away, so I tried the third time to find a place at the Museum-Inseln.

This place was a big succes. A lot of people painted on my Artwork, further on a Berlin guy invited me to stay at his home. In total 74 people painted my Artwork in two days. With these number of artist it became difficult to handle all the information from the several individuals. I almost collapsed due to the increased pressure. It was difficult to administrate all participators. That means that It is possible that more than 80 artist painted on my Artwork instead of 74. Further more the germans belongs to the most enthusiastic artist of Europe.

The Artworks:


Barbara Kuester; Berlijn, DE

Antje Schaefer Und Pia Massari; Tuebingen, DE
Jenny Hermansson;
Balsta, SE
Klaus Henckel
Moeller; Stra, IT
Christele; Les Avenieres, FR

Troels Miller; Viborg, DK

Aurelie Sejourne; Paris, FR

Björn Ole Rerup; Flensburg, DE

Coen En Nynke; Leiden, NL

Anne Lena Mett; Koenigswinter, DE

Dieter; Dessau, DE
Jean-Peer + Shirin; Berlijn, DE
Ambacher; Sulingen, DE
Bolbrinker; Berlijn, DE
Loehndorf; Kiel, DE
Christian Brochu; Beauport, CA Monica Motoecu; Essen, DE Jo Biss; Mae Hong Son, TH Liz Chinlund; San Francisco, USA Marion Van Geest; Utrecht, NL
Marlyn Robson; Auckland, NZ Michele Rossi; Citta' Di Castello (Perugia), IT Richard Grenier; Longueuil (Quebec), CA Joana Vives; Igualada, ES Marcel Manthey; Salzwedel,
Laura Grillo; Genova, IT Fischlechner Martin; Vienna, AT Stefanie Veihl; Zurich, CH Björn Ole Rerup; Flensburg, DE Branmir Cilic; ZAGREB, HR
Christina Kreft; Berlijn, DE Cristina Mendez; Gijon, ES Daniel Matthias Puschmann; Berlijn, DE Doerte Pfau; Strausberg, DE Emma Di Camillo; Gorizia, IT
Emmanuelle Sejourne; Bochum, DE Fuellkrug Annelie; Berlijn, DE Yvonne Golz; Berlin, DE Ralph Diettrich; Berlijn, DE Sonja Muhr; Berlijn, DE
Winfried Koeller; Muenster, DE Xandra Herdieckerhoff; Koeln, DE Ann Kiefer; Bissen, LU Amelie Beauchesne; L Ancienne Lorette, CA Selma Grenad; Copenhagen, DK
Lonni Nielsen; Nestved, DK Eva Lindholm; Skara, SE Axel Jonsson; Varberg, SE Julia Marko-Nord; Stockholm, SE Laura Bonell; Barcelona, ES
??? Jessica Lundin; Helsingborg, SE Eva Lindholm; Skara, SE ??? Linda Börjesson; Copenhagen, DK
??? Mariane Groenvad; Copenhagen, DK ??? Gustav Sandstrom; Helsingborg, SE ???
??? ??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? Selma Grenad; Copenhagen, DK Henriette Skov Andersen; Kgs. Lyngby, DK Laura Bonell; Barcelona, ES
??? ??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ??? ???
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