With my Artwork I travelled to the Grote Markt in Brussel, but I could not stay there, the police tould me to leave the sqaure. After a while I decided to park my Artwork in front of the European Parliament and to ask the people to participated in the making of the Artwork. In front of the European Parliament the journalist Aad van Cortenberghe from the Financieel Dagblad interviewd me for a article about the Artwork. In an extensive and even more important a serious article he wrote about the Artwork in the Saterday
edition of the newspaper. My name as artist was found, till today I still speak often with Van Cortenberghe about my artworks. Further one we will work together in my next big art-project. You can achieve information about this new project via my e-mail, it is to early now to tell you more details, but I can tell you that it will be a brand new financial artproject. Wait before I forget, thank you Victor for your hospitality.

The Artworks:





Stephan Bigot; Villerupt, FR
Hansson Agnes; Brussel, BE Creusen Alexia; Liege, BE Antonio Perlot; Brussel, BE Stephan Bigot; Villerupt, FR Kevin Anglim; Ny Ny, USA
Dave Derycke; Gent, BE Rudi De Brabandere; Tielt, BE Tim Jansens; Brussel, BE Bas Magnee; Amsterdam, NL Arianna Avoni; Sgonico (Trieste), IT
Faouzi Jamal; Brussel, BE Marie Tys; Brussel, BE Satoshi&Kumiko; Kakogun Hyougo, JP Victor Dekkers; Sittard, BE Potvin Sarah; Wezembeek Oppem, BE
Baelemans Ingrid; Halle, BE Christoffer Gottberg Jakobsson; Smedjebacken, SE Enrico D'aiuto; Napoli, IT Gustav Morner; Brussel, BE Jim Nachlin; Ny, USA
Kirsten Wennemers; Holten, NL Linda Verniers; Edam, NL Marieke Van Gool; Naarden, NL Oleg Lee; Jerusalem, IL Gianpiero Taddio; S.Daniele (Ud), IT
Joaquin Pintaluba; Montevideo, UY Laura Perryman & Victoria Read; Rothwell, Northants, UK Du Bois Virginie; Brussel, BE Adrian Buleu; , Boekarest, RO Ahmed Zulfiqar; Brussel, BE
Ammama Dounia; Brussel, BE Irfan Khan; Brussel, BE Katrien Thant; Molenbeek Wersbeek, BE Laetitia Wynen; KRAAINEM, BE Marie Tys; Brussel, BE
Markus Sekse; Hafrsfjord, NO Maud; Rennes, FR Mounir Aoican; Molenbeek, BE Pierre Deru; Brussel, BE Remi Bouwer; Purmerend, NL
Sofie Sekse; Hafrsfjord, NO Sosson Clementine; Virton, BE Thor Thant; Molenbeek Wersbeek, BE Vasiliy Efremov; Moskovsk, RU Verkooijen Julie; Brussel, BE
??? Qyouh.Kenza.; Maisons Laffitte, FR Momo; Paris, FR ??? Momo; Paris, FR
??? Qyouh.Kenza.; Maisons Laffitte, FR ??? Momo; Paris, FR Momo; Paris, FR
??? ??? ??? ??? Qyouh.Kenza.; Maisons Laffitte, FR
Momo; Paris, FR ??? opm. Kijk op ‘Lost Works
voor de lege cellen