When I entered London, in the evening, I receive at an leather bracelet from some African guys in a BMW, they told me that it would give luck. But after an accident with a cab and the penalty in London and another accident in Dublin, I through my bracelet away. The accident in London was the fault of the cab-driver, I have not heard anything more about it. The accident in Dublin was my fault because I drove back in a fuel-station. But now the funny part, when I arrived in London, I parked my Artwork at the Piccadilly Circus. Why and how, I do not know anymore but I received a lot of attention. The following two days, I parked my Artwork in front of the Modern Tate Gallery and it became a big succes. Actually I tried to park the Artwork inside of the Modern Tate Gallery but the curator would not allowe it, do you understand this. It is my favorite museum, because it is free and it is open from 10:00 to 22:00. By the way, I slept in the middle of the city. What do you want more.