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Let’s kill mankind
22 January 2006

I’m glad that I’ve lived in America for some years now, as Europe gets more and more dangerous. Especially now that the French President Jacques Chirac threatens the world to use nuclear weapons against any state that considers or uses terrorism against France.This threat will definitely encourage other states to invest in or use their nuclear weapons for military purposes too. However, I don’t think that terrorist will be very much impressed by this threat. Moreover I consider the use of military or non-military nuclear weapons as the peak of terrorism.

It would be a hell of a lot better if France, as permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations, invests their annual $3.5 billion nuclear warfare budget, in people in order to reduce the gap between poor and rich worldwide.

Fighting, kicking and screaming
30 January 2006

I really adore the European Union’s competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, as she succeeds  to knail (kneel and nail) down Microsoft last week after threatening to fine Microsoft up to € 2 million a day if they fail to comply with the ruling by the European Commission in March 2004 that stated Microsoft had violated antitrust laws.Microsoft was fined  € 497 million ($613 million) at that time and was ordered to share details of its operating system with rivals for a reasonable fee.  In addition, they were ordered to offer an unbundled version of Windows without server and media player software for what was indicated to be abuse of Microsoft’s dominant position in the industry.

However, I am afraid that this is just another example of Microsoft’s fighting, kicking and screaming tactics to deliver the bare minimum as their offer does not address the Commission’s concerns on inter-operability. Nevertheless, I hope that the US anti-trust authorities will follow the EU in order to stop the gravity and duration of Microsoft’s infringement in the US.  The 1998 Sherman Act against Microsoft has less effect and impact than the last steps taken by Dutch powerwoman Neelie Kroes.

Stand up, Speak up, Now!!
8 February 2006It’s really high time that Muslims throughout the world stand up and speak up against the discourse of hate, intolerance, tyranny, selfishness, selfcentredness and bigotry of those of their leaders who prove to be barbarians and who completely abuse their own distorted interpretation of Islam.Because, after the book “The Satanic Verses”, the film “Submission”, the WTC and recently a few cartoons, we cannot accept any more iconoclastic terror by Muslims in our little village called World.A place in history…..
23 February 2006Sooner or later an American president will have to defend him- or herself in front of a jury of the International Court of Justice in The Hague for constitutional torture and killing of countless people since World War II in the name of the American people.Well,
–  the killing of at least 30.000 Vietnamese prisoners during the Vietnam War by the U.S.’s Phoenix Program,
–  the countless murders, massacres, tortures, “disappearances”, coups and other non-war crimes against the people in Latin America and the Caribbean by Graduates of the U.S. Army’s School of the Americas,
–  and among others the CIA coup to bring the Indonesian dictator Suharto into power in 1965 which led to a massacre of an estimated million members and supporters of the Indonesian Communist Party,
are only a few of the crimes for which the American president will definitely get a life-sentence. However, president Bush could change our cruel history and future by starting to act on his own words: “This does not represent the America that I know” by immediately closing down all American concentration and extermination camps throughout the world.See us.
11 March 2006

It is very interesting to learn how other nations see us.China’s yearly feedback on the US State Department’s “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices” for example gives us great opportunity to incite discovery, to stimulate reflection and to generate self-knowledge. Which will eventually increase better understanding, exchange, and co-operation between governments, companies and people throughout the world.

So let’s hope that more countries will follow the US and China’s yearly reports. But I hope that subsequent reports will have a wider scope than just on human rights.

Fine Particles Fatalist.
24 March 2006

Every day, I inhale billions of fine particles in and around my Broadway apartment in New York.My Dutch parents are very concerned and have warned me for years for the effect of those fine particles on my health, as several studies worldwide proved that fine particles are extremely harmful to human health as they are less than 2.5 µm (microns in diameter) in size (about one-fourteenth the width of human hair) and can easily be inhaled deep into the lungs.

In the lungs – I learned – they damage cells that transfer oxygen to the blood and via this route act as a vehicle for other airborne toxins to enter the bloodstream. This eventually causes at least hundreds and thousands of premature deaths in America and 3 millions worldwide due to heart and lung disease each year.

For the sake of my own health and billions of others throughout the world, I would very much like to know how president Bush intends to reduce the mixture of a variety of different compounds and pollutants from power plants, diesel trucks and buses, cars, etc. in the United States and abroad.

I am an illegal too
3 April 2006

I am an illegal artist in this strong, humane and compassionate country searching for a better life, one of the most basic desires of human beings.However, this does not automatically mean that I want to become an American citizen and that I want to earn more money. In fact, I am proud to be a Dutchman and I am not at all bothered by the fact that I earn less money in the US then I did in the Netherlands.

To me it is infinitely more important to expand my talents and live my dreams, following the example of the French sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, who in the end realized his Statue of Liberty after 21 years with the help of great American citizens.

And I am determined to follow in his footsteps and I will do everything in my power to realize my freedomballet “FREE” in this energetic, ambitious and assimilated country of boundless opportunities.

It’s not too late.
12 November 2007
(International Herald Tribune November 16 2007)

President Clinton never presented the Kyoto Protocol (1997) to the Senate for a vote because he assumed that the ratification of this treaty would have a significantly negative impact on the U.S. economy.He was wrong. By not complying with Kyoto, he gave away our last hope of retaining the United States’ industrial and economic lead of the 20th century into the new millennium. Since there has been no financial or political motivation to invest in cleaner and more sustainable energy technologies in the last decade, we are no longer able to meet world demand for more sustainable products and services.

Mr. President, please rescind the $200 billion War Funding Bill, and instead focus these funds entirely on helping our vulnerable economy during the last few months of your presidency. With a revolutionary Environmental Economy Bill, it may be possible to stop the fall of the dollar, the rise of oil prices, and the continued closing of our out-dated industrial complexes.

Make this your legacy.

Promised Land
22 November 2007

I have a dream that one day this young nation will become a real peaceful country abandoning the misinterpreted right for civilians to bear weapons.A right, known as the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, written by a mixture of different third and fourth generation European settlers who fled their mother countries as missionaries, adventurers, thieves and criminals who where more then willing to colonize America in name of the Dutch, French, Spanish and British Governments and several Christian churches.

Together they took goods, lands, raped women, enslaved people, and killed almost a half million Native Americans by a.o. the deliberate spread of diseases like small pox long before the American Government agreed to the mass slaughter and in some cases extinction of almost 1000 Native American tribes in the late 1800’s by American Armies (American Holocaust; David Stannard – 1992).

So it is obvious that American citizens are afraid of their government and its army and it is good that they can defend themselves in militias. But that doesn’t mean that individuals should have the right to posses’ guns. So I hope with all my heart that the Supreme Court will take this historical opportunity by ruling a nationwide ban on the private possession of guns like other western countries.

Houston, we have a problem

Our national debt almost doubled since President Bush is in charge. The total accumulation of annual budget deficits was $5.7 trillion in January 2001 and it will top $10 trillion right before or right after he leaves in January 2009 and no one knows how to stop this ticking time bomb called G.W. Bush.Even if we could stop President Bush it will probably be too late, as world’s largest oil producers Iran, Venezuela and Russia already begun to request payment for their barrels in Euros or Rubles rather than the deliberatelydevalued Dollar by the Fed.

This will definitely ignite a Tsunami of greenbacks heading home to the United States, ending the Dollar supremacy and America’s global dominance. This process can’t be stopped, even when we send and sacrifice 10,000 more American soldiers to the Caribbean, Russia and the Middle East as we learned from the Iraq War in reaction to Saddam Hussein decision, in November 2000, to convert it’s reserves from Dollars to Euros.

Because the war in Iraq is a war whose purpose is much bigger than fortunes of Halliburton or Exxon: it’s a long term and a strategic objective being fought to maintain America’s position on top of the world, as Amir Butler (AMPAC) already concluded at 3-29-2003.