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New *|FNAME|*

New Phone number

202 644 1190

Since this sunday I have an US phonenumber. Just call me to meet for a coffee, a diner or something else exciting.

Let’s paint

Some cars together

This friday evening I want to paint some cars together with you. Who wants to host? I bought the cars with Elin and Celine is working on a press kit. When we are ready we will send the cars to radio, tv, web and print reporters. Hopefully we can attract there attention.

Please let me know if you know reporters personally and when you like to paint with us.

Double or nothing

13 red and 13 black cars

Last friday we double the number of cars from 10 to 22. I would like to double this week again. It will be hard though so let’s team up and work together. We can do this. If we play double or nothing we will have more then enough cars by the end of october:

I want to double each week the numbers of cars. Let’s play double or nothing and we have more then 250 cars at october 25.

Week Red (175) Black (75) Total (250)
Week 1 sep 8-14 4 5 9
Week 2 sep 15-21 6 (8) 7 (10) 22
Week 3 sep 22-28 .. (16) .. (20) 36
Week 4 sep 29 – oct 5 .. (32) .. (40) 72
Week 5 oct 5 – oct 11 .. (64) .. (75) 139
Week 6 oct 12 – oct 18 .. (128) .. (75) 203
Week 7 oct 19 – oct 25 .. (175) .. (75) 250


Life of a volunteer

Last sunday I went with Maggie to a Washington Nationals vs Miami Dolphins game. After the game we put flyers under the windowwhippers of red cars. We didn’t get any new red cars though.

At Agenda you can find the appointment and events I will visit this week

Still need a place

To sleep

At this moment I still stay in a youth hostel. It’s a great place but I am really running out of money. I pay between $ 30 and $ 35 a night depends on the number of people in the room and the day of the week. It’s a great place, love the people but I really spend to much money at the moment. I want to pay $ 25 max a day (= $750 a month). I need the money to travel, to meet people, etc. So please let me know if you know somebody who would like to host me for a week, month or even for a longer period. Everything is welcome as long as it is no crack house. That’s where I ended up last friday. It was horrible.

and to paint I Will Win

I am still looking for a place to paint I Will Win – The War. This is my ninth I Will Win painting for the New York City Marathon and I really have to start painting next week to finish The War on time. The theme of The War is as you probably already expected Peace.

I wonder which I Will Win painting you like most.

Erik Van Loon

I Will Win (2005)

I Will Win - The News

The News (2006)

I Will Win - The Statue

The Statue (2007)

I Will Win - The Runner

The Runner (2008)

I Will Win - The History

The History (2009)

I Will Win - The Creation

The Creation (2010)

I Will Win - The Crisis

The Crisis (2011)

I Will Win - The Elections

The Elections (2012)

49 days left

We need some help

We have 49 days left to make the photo, 7 weeks that’s a lot of time. We need some funding though to pay all the bills and I wonder if you know what I am doing wrong. Please give me feedback at our Indiegogo Fundraising page or bring me in contact if you know people who can help me to launch our fundraising page.

This are the perks

– $5 an I LOVE DC Post

– $10 an I LOVE DC Digital Photo of 5 mb photo (UNLIMITED) by email

– $20 an I LOVE DC Tshirt (S, M, L or XL) by mail

– $20 an I LOVE DC Car a handpainted dinky toy car

– $25 an I LOVE DC Photo (signed) of 4″ × 6″ inch (250 PIECES) by mail

– $50 an I LOVE DC Tour of 60 minutes at my studio in DC (50 TIMES)

– $75 an I LOVE DC Book high quality 72 pages booklet of “the making of”

– $100 an I LOVE DC Poster (signed) of 22″ × 34″ inch poster (250 PIECES) by mail

– $150 an I LOVE DC Diner in your favorite restaurant (50 TIMES)

– $200 an I LOVE DC Book-in-a-Box (signed, with personal letter and many extra’s) high quality 72 pages booklet of “the making of” (250 PIECES)

– $250 an I LOVE DC Party at your home together for your friends (50 TIMES)

KLM Flight Amsterdam – Washington DC

We have an artist on board.

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