i love dc posters popville September 24: It’s raining red and black cars here
Thanks Dan Silverman from Popville
September 24: the newsletter is out
Go to and read our latest newsletter
 i love dc volunteer September 23: Life of a I LOVE DC volunteer
Being a volunteer has some advantages.Today we visited Washington Nationals vs Miami Marlins.(read more)
September 21: KLM flight Amsterdam – Washington
September 19: Some maths
I want to double each week the numbers of cars. Let’s play double or nothing and we have 250 cars at october 25.
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i love dc tshirt stars September 19: I can’t choose
Which I LOVE DC t shirt you like most?
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i love those shirts September 18: I love those shirts
At Carl Pierre (@carlpierre) twitter account I saw those great thirts of @inthecapital. I will make similar t shirts. Thanks Carl for sharing this inspirational photo.
9 vs 8 September 18: 9 red vs 8 blacks
It’s like a basketball match. We have now 9 red and 8 blacks. It’s going into the right direction. At the end we need 175 red and 75 black cars. We can do it.
September 15: Artist (video) impression of I LOVE DC
Hereby a video of I LOVE DC
September 15:  I Love September
I love this song and I would love to dance with some people on Earth Wind & Fire.
i love dc posters keep up sharing September 15: 4 red 6 black
We have now 4 red and 6 black cars. Let’s double the number of cars together this week and for all those who would like to come to our weekly meeting.
September 14: New Perks
I added some more perks at my Indiegogo crowdfunding page. Now we have:
– $5 an I LOVE DC Digital Photo by email
– $25 an I LOVE DC Photo (signatured) by mail
– $50 an I LOVE DC Tour of 60 minutes through my DC studio
September 12 Old video about I Will Win – The Runner
 advertentie washington post September 12 Ad in Washington Post
When I am lucky I get some help to place an ad in the Washington Post for I LOVE DC like I did in 2008 for I Will Win in The New York Times.
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i love dc backpage September 9 This is the I LOVE DC flyer
This is the flyer which I will spread in october during the making of I Will Win 9 in Washington. What do you think of it?
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waar i will win schilderen new york av September 9: Studio at New York Av.
At the moment I am looking for a loft / studio at New York Av. in Washington DC. Untill so far I found the following places. Today I will call the broker.
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  September 4
I need a place to paint of 33 x 20 ftI am a Dutch artist and I need a place to paint I Will Win “9″ in Washington DC. I Will Win “9″ is my ninth I Will Win painting of 33 x 20 ft. for the New York City Marathon. Read more
March 1
With a friend I made a video of I Will Win (1) till 8. I hope that you like it. Read more


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