Today I found some photo of the making of 60

4-5 Mei 2005; 60 year Liberation

I made for the Liberation special of Rotterdams Dagblad (a daily Newspaper in the Netherlands) the frontpage of the newspaper to memorize the 60th freedom anniversary.

In the artwork you can find the following icon´s:

– Kim Phuc;
– Emancipation
– Guernica (P. Picasso)
– Es Brennt (M. Gebirtig)
– Westerbork
– Loods 24
– Liberation (M.C. Escher)- 14 May 1940 (Bombardment Rotterdam)
– liberation Mandela
– Free Africa (K. Haring)
– 1984 (George Orwell)
– Che Guevara
– Ron Kovic
– Marshall helps
– Landing on the Moon, etc

IMGA2597 IMGA2595  IMGA2594 IMGA2596

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