Teaser I LOVE DC

Tel: (571) 424 0541


WASHINGTON, D.C, October 1, 2013

Dutch artist Erik Van Loon is looking for Washingtonians, Virginians, and Marylanders who a) love D.C, and b) own – or know people who own – a red or black car, in order to realize his newest D.C. based art project “I Love D.C.”

250 cars
The concept is simple: Erik Van Loon needs 175 red cars, 75 black cars, and approximately three hours of volunteers’ time on a designated parking lot for him to form an aerial photograph of the cars reading “I [HEART] D.C.” In return Van Loon offers volunteers a free ‘dutch’ sandwich, coffee and tea.

“When hurricane Sandy hit the United States in 2012, I took refuge in D.C. and fell in love with both the city and its people. I want to express my sentiment through this piece of art.”


Erik Van Loon is known for his “guerilla artwise” which he unveils every year at the New York City Marathon as part of his “I Will Win” art series. With “I Love D.C” Van Loon wants to join together people who love D.C, love art, love a free sandwich, and want to volunteer in an international art project. For more information on the project please visit the website www.erikvanloon.com or e-mail Celine.vanderlinden@gmail.com. For phone inquiries please contact Erik Van Loon on (202)644-1190. The date and time for the location will be announced to volunteers closer to date.