Programma 10 Years I Will Win


Tickets for 10 Years I Will Win cost $ 5,-. You can pay at the door.
We allow max. 100 people a hour!

Date Time Programm
Fr, oct 24 7 – 9 pm Opening
Bill De Blasio, Mayor of NYC, talks about persistence for succes.
Sa, oct 25 12am- 5pm New York Times Day
Buy the New York Times and get free entrance.
3pm- 4pm
Carol Vogel, New York Times
Carol interviews Erik about his 10 I Will Win paintings.
Su, oct 26 12am-5pm 5 Dutch Days
Take a stroopwafel (you can buy them at a.o. Trader Joe’s) or a Tulip with you and say “I am not afraid of art” in Dutch to get free entrance.
Mo, oct 27 Closed
Tu, oct 28 10am-7pm Social Media Day
Post a photo and a review of at least 250 words about 10 Years I Will Win on your facebook or twitter account and earn your entrance ticket back. 
We, oct 29 10am-7pm Free Museum Day
Show us your October 29, 2014 Museumticket and get free entrance.
5pm – 6pm Klaus Biessenbach, Moma PS1
Klaus talks about the importance of public art for NYC. 
Th, oct 30 10am-7pm Galesi Group Day
Free entrance for everybody. 
5pm- 7pm
Galesi Italian Dinner
With invitation only
Fr, oct 31 10am -7pm Halloween Parade Day
Get dressed for the nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event and get free entrance. See also my Halloween Parade 2008 contribution at Fight For Love
Sa, nov 1 12am -5pm Achilles International Day
Disabled or not you get free entrance. 
3pm- 4pm
Dick Traum, Achilles International
Dick talks about the persistence for succes. 
Su, nov 2 NYC Marathon Day
Mo, nov 3 10am-7pm New York Road Runners Day
Show us your 2014 medal and get free entrance.
Chris Weiller, NYRR
Chris talks about the influence of the NYC Marathon on modern art. 
Tu, nov 4 10am-7pm Make Me Laugh Day
Make me laugh and you get free entrance. 
We, nov 5 10am-7pm Love Party US
Write at least 5 Love Party quote for my Love Party US 2015 calender and get free entrance.
Th, nov 6 10am-7pm American Dream Day
Tell me about your dream
Fr, nov 7 10am-5pm Bicycle Day
Come by bicycle and get free entrance. 
Sa, nov 8 12am -5pm Youth Artist Day
 Are you younger than 12 years then you will get free entrance in return of a selfmade artwork.
3pm- 4pm
Steven Tennen, Teen Reviewers & Critics (TRaC)
Steven talks about the importance of art for children.
Su, nov 9 12am -5pm Five Boroughs Day
Pay What You Wish

Remarks: “concept”