A summer in Madrid. I asked myself, where is everybody.Two days of hard work resulted in 30 artworks, I was very disappointed about the participation of the Spanish people. Most of the spanish participators found the price euro 2,50 to high, the same as in Athens. It were two long days. At day I stood between the Museum Sofia and the Centraal Station of Madrid, I hoped that a lof of Spanisch people would participate in developing the Artwork. At night I stood at the Plaza dos Mayo. I worked on this car free sqaure untill 3 or 4 o’ clock in the night, surrounded by drunken Madrialan youth. The artist on the Plaza dos Mayo made in general very good artworks. Maybe this was the result of the cocktail cola and wine, as the most people drunk. It was good to experience how quick they adopt me as stranger in their middle of the several groups.