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July 10, 2014
Erik Van Loon
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  • Project: 10 Years I Will Win
  • This project is: Traditional Exhibit
  • Curator Name:
  • Curator Email:
  • Best Date: october 27 till November 9, 2014
  • Worst Date: after November 16, 2014
  • Address:
  • Beukelsweg 81a
  • Rotterdam, Nederland 3022GG
  • Netherlands
  • Birthday: September 30, 1971
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Artist Statement

Art is for me communication whereby I want to reach public beyond the art world with the use of mass media in order to move people literally and metaphorically with work that doesn’t create only beauty but also incites discovery, stimulates reflection, and generates self-knowledge, which will eventually increase understanding, exchange, and cooperation between governments, companies and people worldwide.

Project Description

Proposal I offer you an art story about persistence for succes. Requirements I need two spaces: 1. a space of 660 sqft to paint I Will Win – The End (6 weeks from mid September till November 1st) Since 2005 I unveil each year guerilla artwise (without endorsement / persmission) an I Will Win painting of 33 x 20 ft (10 x 6 m.) along the course of the New York City Marathon in order to show my latest painting for approximately 6 to 7 seconds to the 50.000 runners and 260 million people watching the largest one day sport event in the world. I made the first 8 I Will Win paintings in my hometown Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2013 I painted I Will Win – The War in Washington DC while I was working at I LOVE DC. This year I want to paint I Will Win – The End in New York and that’s why I need a studio of at least 33 x 20 ft (10 x 6 m.) from September 15th till November 1st. 2. a space to show 10 Years I Will Win (2 weeks from October 27 till November 9) Moreover I would love to show my 10 I Will Win paintings near Times Square, the Central Park or the route of the New York City Marathon in order to inspire runners, spectators and New Yorkers with my persistence. I prefer one week before the NYC Marathon because of the 50.000 runners and almost 1.000.000 spectators and one week after the marathon. 1+2=3 Best is 2 for 7-8 weeks (September 15 till November 15) because then I don’t have to move the I Will Win – The End to another location for the final exhibition.


Name: Anthony Riccio
Relationship: Friend and CEO of the Harlem River Yard Ventures who helps me to show I Will Win in the Bronx since 2005
Phone Number: +1917 991 3863
Name: Jeremy Olshan
Relationship: He was the first American reporter who wrote about my work.
Phone Number: +1917 771 7837

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Image List

Murderer (2010 | 244 x 122 cm) My aunt died of lung cancer. To memorate her I made this work. 60 (2005 | 80 x 60 cm) To memorate 60 liberation of the Netherlands the daily newspaper the Rotterdams Dagblad asked me to paint the frontpage of their newspaper at May 4th. 85.000 readers got this artwork. The Creations (2010 | 10000 x 6000 cm) The Creations is about clean water and air. In The Creation I painted western industries killing mankind. At the cloud in the shape of the African continent you see God supported by Obama and other Democrate and Republican ex Presidents creating the women. This women saves the world by extinguishing the Gulf of Mexico oil fire. The News (2006 | 10000 x 6000 cm) In The News I painted an autobiographicall story about the things I achieved, the people I love and the dreams I have. I LOVE DC (2013 still in progress) In 2012 after sandy I helped for two days the victims of Sandy with my friend Ed Feeney (he has relatives their) and after two days of hard work I decided to show I Will Win – The Elections in front of the White House as the NYC Marathon was cancelled. During my 5 days stay in Washington DC I fall in love with that city and that’s why I went back to DC to realize I LOVE DC. I LOVE DC is an artwork of 175 red and 75 black cars. In the photo you see the progress of making I LOVE DC. The Washington Post paid a half page to this work see

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