Dag 1

A video from Gerben van Zevenbergen for RTV-Rijnmond

Dag 2
Dag 3
Dag 4

Photo Strip 

Day 1.

TV-Rijnmond (a big local broadcast company in the region of Rotterdam) followed the last few days of I Will Win in the Schoonderloostudio’s in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Working on the painting itself was really hard as it was very difficult to maintain the right perspective in the selfportrait.


On my website you can see an old artist impression of my work from space. I made an artist impression from I Will Win in the Central Park with the help of Google Earth. In New York itself I choose for a better location. First of all because I couldn’t get a permit from the park authority (see also my problems with the artwork 9999 in New York), furthermore the new location was situated under a bridge so that also the 35.000 runners could see the artwork and the bridge was located at the famous 20th mile.
A videostill of I Will Win from the ceiling of the Schoonderloostudio in Rotterdam.


 Day 2.

I just arrived in New York and I don’t have money for a cab. So I had to transfer on some parts the 165 pound over the pavements to get the painting to my hotel via the subway.
Anthony Riccio reads the frontpage of the Havenloods. He almost immediately agree with my request to show I Will Win at his huge yard. He only request a liability insurance.


It was very difficult for me as foreigner to arrange a liability insurance for I Will Win.


Several people recognized me, the most terrible moment was a flash mob of at least 20 students at Broadway.


Day 3.

I posted by hand press letters to get attention of all big new, opinion papers and RTV-programs.


At the NY Times I just talked for a while with an art editor.
The next day I had an interview with journalists of the New York Post.
The journalist of TV Rijnmond asked me if I had still confidence in the final event as we were all afraid that Anthony Riccio will forbid us to show I Will Win at his yard if I could not show a valid liability insurance. He asked me about this after I learned that a liability in insurance would cost me $ 2000,- which I didn’t had.


Day 4.

On Friday, two days for the big exhibition the NY Post printed the interview. Although this was not the main reason that Anthony Riccio allowed me to show I Will Win at his yard. When I installed I Will Win on his yard he told the TV Rijnmond journalist:

“He is just full of energy. I mean I have never seen a person so interested and devoted to what he is doing. So how do you say no to that. You don’t”


With Elin Anna I just finished the installation I Will Win. The next day the volunteers painted the wooden frame in order to present the painting I Will Win like a museum piece.
The volunteer coordinator said after the fifth helicopter to the journalist. Like a meeting of helicopters. A party. With as reaction (from the journalist): A helikopter party!
I run the marathon without much problems the 8 months training I took to run the marathon was sufficient but to my disappointment I Will Win was not broadcast to the homes of 125 million people in 85 countries. So I immediately decided to go next year again.

Actually, I Will Win stands for my fight to reach my goals. See my statement.