At the evening I arrived in Rome. In Rome I found a fantastic place in a small street near the Trevi Fountain. The next day I had parked my Artwork in front of the St. Pieter Cathedral in Vatican city. This spot was a good choice because the pope have each week his mass their. This week a lot of people visited the mass because it was the beginning of the Jubelyear 2000. The next day I parked my Artwork 50 m. from the Vatican Museum, where you can find the ceil painting from Michelangelo in the Sixten Chapel. In Rome the first problems with the language arise. I do not speak any Latin language and it is actually a condition to get success in the countries around the Mediterranean. So it was hard for me to get the attention of the people to participate the making of the Artwork But if this really was the reason that the native inhabitants of the city did not paritcipate in the Artwork is hard to say.