NYU students I need you

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We are looking for NYU students at the department of Art or Marketing / Public Relations who would like to support Erik Van Loon’s by making his next I Will Win painting I Will Win – The End and his exhibition 10 Years I Will Win.

Erik Van Loon
Erik Van Loon is a dutch artist who unveils each year a painting of 33 x 20 ft along the course of the NYC Marathon.

I Will Win – The End
This year he will paint I Will Win – The End. His 10th and last I Will Win painting of 33 x 20 ft for the New York City Marathon. At this moment he still haven’t found a place to paint The End.

10 Years I Will Win
In 2014 he wants to show all his paintings from Oct 27 till Nov 9 in New York. Each painting is 660 sq ft big. In order to show all his paintings he needs a place of at least 10 x 660 = 6,600 sq ft. See also the short 2:26 video at www.erikvanloon.com/i-will-win

More info
Below you can find a 15 pages powerpoint presentation.

Your responsibility
As volunteer you will support Erik, the artist himself, by making The End and to show 10 Years I Will Win.

Mr Erik van Loon
Mail: info@erikvanloon.com
Phone: 865 2 E V LOON (865 238 5666)
Twitter: @erikvanloon
Facebook: artist.evanloon