I Will Win 9 – Pressletter

I Will Win – The Elections
New York, 2012
I Will Win – The ElectionsA painting of 33 x 20 feetAt November 4th  the renown Dutch artist Erik Van Loon will return to Mile 20 of the New York City Marathon -the largest one-day sports event in the world- to present his eight giant I Will Win painting “I Will Win – The Elections” to approximately 48.000 runners and 260 million tv viewers throughout the world.The artist:
Erik Van Loon
+31 6 E VAN LOON (+31 6 3 826 5666)
+1865 2 E V LOON (+1 865 2 3 8 5666)Location:
128 willis av new york
Bronx side of the Willis Av. Bridge

Mile 20
Since 2005 Erik Van Loon, from the Netherlands, transform each year Mile 20 into a gallery for his paintings. From 2005-2009 he used a parking lot at the left side of the Willis Avenue Bridge and since 2010 he is using a building at the right side to show his latest painting for 6 to 7 seconds to the 48,000 runners as well as to the 260 million people in 126 countries who are watching the NYC Marathon on television.

American Dream
His goal to achieve 6 to 7 seconds of fame never happened. That’s why he returns each year with a new I Will Win painting (industrial acrylic paint on a canvas) of 33 x 20 ft to realize his American Dream. With as result 8 amazing artworks:

I Will Win
Erik Van Loon
The News
I Will Win - The News
The Statue
I Will Win - The Statue
The Runner
I Will Win - The Runner
The History
I Will Win - The History
The Creation
I Will Win - The Creation
The Crisis
I Will Win - The Crisis
The Elections
I Will Win - The Elections

The Elections
This year he will unveil a lucid ‘campaign poster’ with ao. the following inscriptions:
– Vote Van Loon
– It’s Time For Love
– Vote Love Now
With this he demonstrate the use of letters and words in imagery to challenge and stimulate the viewer’s experience of art like he did before in I Will Win – The News (2006) when he portrayed himself as the frontpage of the New York Times and in meantime he queeste the viewer if Love, the most important ingredient of life, could ever be a topic in elections.

Additional information

In 2005, after the world premiere of his film “A Victim’s Perspective” at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival he came up with the idea to make an artwork which you could see from universe. Limited through the size of his studio in The Netherlands he learned from NASA that a satellite photo of a 33 x 20 ft (11 x 6,5 yd) painting would not be bigger then a stamp and cost him approximately $ 5.000,-.

Self Portraiture
Inspired by the small size he decided to paint in 2005 a portrait as portraits on stamps has become the most familiar icons of all time – recognisable by people all over the world. Shortly after he changed it into a self portrait as the Netherlands is well known for its tradition of self-portraiture, exemplified by great Dutch masters as for example Van Eyck, Rembrandt and Van Gogh.
Note: The National Portrait Gallery, currently presenting “Who Am I?: Self-Portraits in Art and Writing” in Washington, D.C

New York City Marathon
The cost made him thinking of “free publicity”. Instead of paying $ 5,000 he came up with the idea to show his painting along the course of the New York City Marathon in order to get his painting film by TV helicopters and eventually he even started to train for the New York City Marathon which he successfully ran in 2005 and 2006.

About the artist

Erik Van Loon is showing his painting without out permission of the organisation, sponsors, governments or others organisation or people involved in the NYC Marathon moreover he finance I Will Win each year himself and this year he will stay in New York for a month as he want:
– to found the Love Party US.
– to ride the Battle Of The Giants.
– to garden in the Van Loon Secret Art Garden in Queens, which he squatted in 2010.In the Netherlands he is founder of ao. the King Of The Rivers and the Mermaidparade.

Erik Van Loon can be reached at
EU +316 E VAN LOON / +316 3 826 5666
US +1865 2 E V LOON / +1 865 2 3 8 5666