I Will Win (2005)

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i will win 1
(6 november 2005)

“I Will Win” is a self portrait of + 7 by 10 meters which I launched for the first time at November, 6xt 2005 along the course of the ING New York City Marathon.

With the aim that media helicopters could make a live coverage of this great artwork to the homes of millions throughout the USA and abroad.

With “I will win” I will paint after Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer a new chapter in the rich Dutch self portrait tradition? Although “I Will Win” is actually inspired by the small painting “Klarence Haus” from Peter Blake.

Klarence Haus

I paint “I Will Win” that big in order to give TV-helikopters the opportunity to broadcast my first I Will Win selfportrait into the houses of at least one hundred million people worldwide. Beside “I Will Win” is then big enought to make a photo from it from a satellite as big as a stamp.