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I Will Win 2 (read I Will Win Too) is my second self-portrait of + 7 by 10 meters which draws attention to the innumerous individual runners throughout the world who train day in day out to improve their personal record.

I Will Win 2 is, different from I Will Win, not only a self-portrait in pictures but also in words. On the fictional front page of the New York Times, edition November 6th 2006, you see me winning the New York City Marathon in a world record of 2:04:30 with as runner-up my anagram Erik Van Loon. Besides that, all the articles at I Will Win 2 – The News are about me in the past, present and future.

I will exhibit my homage to all those runners at the Harlem River Yard Venture close to the Willis Avenue Bridge and I hope that the 35.000 runners and approximately 125 million people in 85 countries throughout the world can see my new artwork for 6-7 seconds when the media helicopters circle above my painted self portrait during the New York City Marathon at November 5th 2006.

In 2005, the marathon director of NBC didn’t use, despite the large number of helicopters above my artwork, the helicopter footage in the live TV broadcast of the marathon as you can see at the TV Rijnmond report about I Will Win (one)