I need a place of 33 x 20 ft to paint The War

Dear friends,

I am a Dutch artist and I need a place to paint I Will Win “9” in Washington DC. I Will Win “9” is my ninth I Will Win painting of 33 x 20 ft. for the New York City Marathon.Contact Cell : +1 202 644 1190 (US) Land : +1 865 238 5666 (US) Europe: +31 63 826 5666 (EU) or reply through twitter or facebook

Mile 20 Since 2005 I transform each year Mile 20 (Bronx side of the Willis Av. Bridge) into a gallery for my latest I Will Win painting in order to show my new painting for 6 to 7 seconds to the approximately 48,000 participants running the NYC Marathon and the 260 million people in 126 countries who are watching the NYC Marathon on television. American Dream My goal to achieve 6 to 7 seconds of fame never happened. That’s why I return every year with a new I Will Win painting (industrial acrylic paint on a canvas) of 33 x 20 ft to realize my American Dream. Normally I paint it in the Netherlands, this year I want to paint I Will Win in Washington DC. Washington DC Due to Sandy I show I Will Win – The Elections last year in front of the White House and I really loved my stay in Washington DC and that’s why I want to paint I Will Win “9” in DC. I Will Win - White House 2005-2012 Untill now I unveilled the following 8 amazing paintings:

I Will Win (2005) I Will Win The News (2006) I Will Win - The News The Statue (2007) I Will Win - The Statue The Runner (2008) I Will Win - The Runner
The History (2009) I Will Win - The History The Creation (2010) I Will Win - The Creation The Crisis (2011) I Will Win - The Crisis The Elections (2012) I Will Win - The Elections

What I need – I need a place for 3-4 weeks in October – A floor of 33 x 20 feet (to lay down the painting) – Electricity to light the painting at night – Extra natural light and a toilet would be great Thanks for you help! Erik Van Loon p.s. at the moment I am also working at I LOVE DC. Please contact me if you have or know somebody with a red or black car.