I Love DC

i love dcDear art lovers, friends and others,

I need your help to realize I Love DC (see the artist impression to the left).

With I Love DC I want to express my affection for Washington DC which I visited for the first time in November 2012.
See www.erikvanloon.com/iww.

In November 2012 I stayed in a hostel near Mount Vernon Square in Washington DC and I almost immediately fall in love with this great city and it citizens. I met great people, I visited amazing museums and enjoyed the Potomac river and the country side.

On the other hand I was surprised by the enormous parkinglots around Mount Vernon Square. When I learned that it were remnants of the 1968 Washington, D.C. riots following the April 4, 1968 assassination of Civil Rights Movement-leader Martin Luther King, Jr I immediately decided to express this area in an artwork. In Smitsonian I found some great Weather vane’s and I decided to make a weather vane about the riots.*

I changed my mind and I decided to express first my affection for Washington DC. The last three weeks Washington DC and its people where in my mind all the time. Two days ago at december 12th, I was watching the photos of Washington DC with some friends on my mobile phone and then I saw the ugly Highway 395 tunnel chimney again and I knew what to make.

I decided to make an artwork about I Love DC, cars and parkinglots and I want to thumbtack it as a Polaroid photo at the chimney. The chimney will be much nicer and everybody will be able to see I Love DC.

To make the I Love DC photo I need 175 red and 50 black cars four days before Valentine. So if you have a red or black and when you are able to come to Washington DC at sunday february 10 from 1-4 pm then you are more then welcome to participate in I LOVE DC.

In return you will get from me a coffee, a sandwhich and a signed 24×36 inches (2×3 feet) HQ I Love DC poster by mail at Valentine and it’s our goal to hang the I Love DC photo as an enourmous poster at February 14th at the chimney.

Together we can do it!

Erik Van Loon
+1 865 2 E V LOON
+1 865 238 5666

Why: I Love DC
What: A photo
Who: I need 175 red and 50 black cars
When: At Sunday, Februari 10
Where: At parking lot at New York Av. with 5th st NW

* after I Love DC I would love to make a Weather Vane with eyewitnesses of the 1968 riots and children of all ages from Washington DC.