2020 : An art odyssey2020 : Een kunst odyssee2020: Ein Kunst-Odyssee

In 2001, Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe I copropriated the 100 most important artworks of the 20th century of 100 different European artist.

I created the 2000 artworks by cutting the lino according to the “Van LoonLino-colorcircle” after which I printed each artwork in 20 issues. The 2000 artworks have been exposed during a very succesfull non-stop exhibition of 50 weeks x 7days x 24 hours on each time different places in Rotterdam. As finale peace I made the work “2001 – The Battle Erik Van Loon vs Institutionalized Art” in which I combined the most important ingredients of the last 100 year of art:

(Erik Van Loon, 2001 – The Battle Erik Van Loon vs Institutionalized Art)


The 2020: An art odyssey which I exposed throughout the city on different place via artpillars could by bought by people for just 2.50 euro each. With the artwork I enclosed a sheet in four languages in which I explained something about the artwork, the proces, actuality and an explanation about how they had to pay.


With respect and honour to the great works of the last century, I “copropriated” not only the composition of pictures but also the composition of colors of the 100 most important artworks of the 20th century. The Van Loon-Lino colourcircle is a complete new approach in art history by translating the angle of the primairily colors in the colorcircle into similar cutting direction and the secundairy colors into two crossing cutting directions of two primarily colors.

Erik Van Loon