I Will Win (2005-2012)

iww1 I Will Win (2005):
I portrayed myself traditionally using the colors and elements of the American flag and the Dutch Royal House of Orange. On my chest I painted my official runners number.
 iww2klein I Will Win 2 – The News (2006):
I portrayed myself as the firstpage of the New York Times. With  The News I demonstrated the use of letters and words in imagery to challenge and stimulate the viewer’s experience of art like Johns, Nauman and Rauschenberg did.
 iww3klein I Will Win 3 – The Statue (2007):
I portrayed myself as the Statue of Liberty by painting myself as the Greek soldier Pheidippides, who was sent from Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon.
 dag 5 I Will Win 4 – The Runner (2008):
I portrayed myself running naked in Central Park. This selfportrait is inspired by Edvard Muybridge one of the founders of the Motion Picture Film, and the exhibition The Bodies (New York, Tokyo, Moskou, Amsterdam, Paris, Londen).
 iww5 I Will Win 5 – The History (2009):
I painted a collage of the 400 year friendship between the Netherlands and New York.
 I Will Win 6 - The Creation kleiner I Will Win 6 – The Creation (2010):
I painted the BP oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico. I made a painting about water and air pollution. In The Creation I painted 8 American presidents (both republicans and democrats) supporting God (with gasmasks because of air pollution). In the painting God creates the women and she extinguish the hazardous fire of the Gulf of Mexico. The water from the tap causes a Tsunami.
 i will win 7 The Crisisk I Will Win 7 – The Crisis (2011):
I painted The Crisis. The Crisis is about greed, Wall Street, War, politicians, bankers and the media and two historical paintings about the Great Depression: – American Gothic (1930) from Grant Wood (USA) and – Pillars of Society (1926) from George Grosz (Germany)
 i will win the elelections washington I Will Win – The Elections (2012):
In the painting you find the text Vote Van Loon – It’s time for love and Vote Love Now.
I Will Win 9
This will be my last I Will Win painting for the NYC Marathon I Will Win X